Professional Spankings in Albany, New York

Laura Lake provides professional spankings to naughty boys and girls in the Albany area of New York’s capital region.

Please feel free to browse and contact Laura for an appointment.



11 thoughts on “Professional Spankings in Albany, New York

  1. Hi Ms. Laura. This is john from CM and also on I just wanted to tell you that I was here as I am a loyal follower of you and your wonderful talents. By for now, bonerboy4u

  2. Hi Ms. Laura this is Craig new to this but have wanted a spanking for a very long time , but have never found any one to do it .

  3. had my first spanking with laura yesterday it was more than I ever expected it to be for those that are wondering about getting spanked contact her you won’t be disappointed I wasn’t , and I will see her again .

    • Hi Craig. I am really happy for you that you were able to visit Ms. Laura and have her spank you. I wish you could give a few note worthy details on your experience such as how long did she spank you, what did she use on you and of course how did it feel and how red did she make your bottom. Thank you Craig and wishing it was me. John aka bonerboy4u

      • she spanked me over knee with her hand and hair brush and also with the paddle she let me feel what the strap felt like and having a virgin bottom [ first time ever spanked it hurt but also felt really good ] had a one hour session with her she took pictures of my bottom when she was done and believe me it was bright red. looking forward to doing things wrong so she will really give it to me next time .

        • It sounds like you had a excellent experience being spanked by Ms. Laura. I imagine your well spanked bottom was bright red after all you got. Thanks for sharing with me Craig and get busy being bad so you can take the trip over Ms. Laura’s lap again soon.

  4. I am already trying to do things that will earn me another trip over her knee she is not a real easy person to make mad .But I am trying

    • had another visit with ms laura last week it was something that I will never forget I found out I can only push so far before she lowers boom on me . and believe me she did. first I got a hand spanking ,then her little paddle ,then her paddle with the holes in it ,then the belt and finally the cane . ive never been spanked so hard in my life but I had it coming I have been acting like a real brat to her, real mouthy and stubborn she made a believer out of me I am not saying I still won’t be a brat but believe me not as mouth its been five day and my bottom still has welts and is black and blue cant wait until the next time she is a really good mother .

  5. Kitten is a warm and delightful lady who can provide the domestic discipline to those who crave such a desire. I had a great time visiting with her last week and hope to do so again soon. So delightful but can focus on providing deserving discipline. My backside is still sure and is a good reminder to me to behave.

  6. Your comments tell you had a great time with Kitten. “Great” meaning a fine red bottom and enjoyable scene.. Nothing better than domestic discipline.

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